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The Keeper by Luke Delaney Review!

Book Details

  • Mass Market Paperback: 560 pages
  • Publisher: Harper (July 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0062219480
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062219480

The second novel in the DI Sean Corrigan series – authentic and terrifying crime fiction with a psychological edge, by an ex-Met detective. Perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Stuart MacBride.

DI Sean Corrigan is different to most cops. He’s no psychic, but his own dark past has given him the ability to step into a crime scene and see it through the eyes of the offender. He understands what drives a person to commit murder, rape, arson – but sometimes his gift seems more like a burden.

When the brutally murdered body of a young woman is found in the woods, Corrigan and his team are on the case. But this is not the act of a one-time offender. They’re on the trail of someone who has been taking women from their homes and keeping them captive before disposing of their bodies.

This killer is looking for the perfect woman – and when he finds her, he’s going to keep her. Whether she likes it or not…

About the Author

Luke Delaney joined the Metropolitan Police Service in the late 1980s and his first posting was to an inner city area of South East London notorious for high levels of crime and extreme violence. He later joined CID where he investigated murders ranging from those committed by fledgling serial killers to gangland assassinations.


The Keeper is one of those novels that is hard to put down although there were a few times when I wanted to set the book aside. Why you ask? Well, it was so well written and certainly had a tremendous creep value. Of course, serial killers are always creepy but this one, to me, was one of the creepiest that I have read in a while. This man abducts women right from their homes, cages them, rapes them and ultimately murders them. He is looking for that elusive woman that he can keep for his own.

The case is investigated by DI Sean Corrigan, who is able somehow to step into the killers mind and from the clues he imagines, is able to hunt down and capture the killer. Sean always gets 150% involved in his cases, to the consternation of his wife, who understands that Sean has to do what he needs to do. If that means not being home for the duration of the case, that is what it will take. I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves the thriller genre.

I love reading thrillers and I have read his previous novel, Cold Killing and after this one, I have found another author that I will put on my favorite list and eagerly await his next novel.

A copy of the book was provided for my honest review and I was not monetarily compensated for said review.

The Wonder of all Things by Jason Mott Review!

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  • Print Length: 305 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0778316521
  • Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (September 30, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

After reading The Returned by Jason Mott, I was thrilled to get an advanced copy of The Wonder of All Things, his latest novel. Jason Mott is a fantastic storyteller and although I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending of The Returned (mainly because it just ended and it didn’t seem like there was an explanation), I understand that was most likely his point. Not everything in life has a perfect ending or explanation. Which leads me to discussing his latest book in which the storyline revolves around an incident and a phenomenon with no explanation.

A synopsis of The Wonder of All Things from Goodreads is as follows:

On an ordinary day, at an air show like that in any small town across the country, a plane crashes into a crowd of spectators, killing and injuring dozens. But when the dust clears, a thirteen-year-old girl named Ava is found huddled beneath a pocket of rubble with her best friend, Wash. He is injured and bleeding, and when Ava places her hands over him, his wounds miraculously disappear. Ava has a unique gift: she can heal others of their physical ailments. Until the air show tragedy, her gift was a secret. But now the whole world knows, and suddenly Ava is thrust into the spotlight. People from all over the globe begin flocking to her small town, looking for healing and eager to glimpse the wonder of a miracle. But Ava's unusual ability comes at a great cost, her own health, and as she grows weaker with each healing, Ava begins searching for an escape. Wash agrees to help Ava, but little does she know he has his own secret he's been harboring, and soon Ava finds herself having to decide just how much she's willing to sacrifice in order to save the one she loves most.

Just like his first novel, I enjoyed reading this one as well. The book is well written and less confusing than his other one, although it does jump around from present to past experiences, but for a good reason which the reader discovers at the end. The best part of this novel was seeing the friendship between Ava and Wash, and Ava and her family’s struggle with her “gift”. We all have best friends and families and sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us and neither do the people in our lives. Any reader will be able to relate to this family.

The most frustrating part of this book is there are certain things for which we readers don’t get an explanation. It’s human nature to expect explanations for everything, even things we don’t understand; hence the frustration. But I respect the fact that Jason Mott does not end his stories with traditional endings. Sometimes certain things in life just end with no explanation and we are left wondering how to make sense of it all.

I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who is a Jason Mott fan, or simply for anyone who appreciates a unique, well told story that leaves you confused and searching for an explanation, but ultimately satisfied at the end.

Guest Reviewer: Kara C.Kelly

About the Author
Jason Mott lives in southeastern North Carolina. He has a BFA in Fiction and an MFA in Poetry, both from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His poetry and fiction has appeared in various journals such as Prick of the Spindle, The Thomas Wolfe Review, The Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets, Measure and Chautauqua. He was nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize award and Entertainment Weekly listed him as one of their 10 “New Hollywood: Next Wave” people to watch.

He is the author of two poetry collections: We Call This Thing Between Us Love and “…hide behind me…” The Returned is his first novel.

The Returned has been optioned by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, in association with Brillstein Entertainment and ABC. It will air in March, 2014 on the ABC network under the title “Resurrection.

An ebook was provided for review from NetGalley and there was no monetary compensation

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Twisted by Kennedy Obohwemu Book Spotlight!

 There are outstanding books out there by writers of colour. There are so many there is hardly time to devour them all. But there are some books we simply cannot do without.
Here comes one guaranteed to keep you biting your nails from start to finish!
‘Twisted’ is a revolutionary novel based on the findings of an international research.
In 2003, Nigerians were reported to be the happiest people in the world following the results of a scientific survey carried out in 65 nations in 1999-2001. The research was reported by one of the world’s top science magazines, New Scientist, and was picked up by a number of news outlets. The report considered that the country’s family life and culture were more important than its problems and material wealth in determining happiness.
Nigeria has a rich literary history, and Nigerians have authored many influential works of post-colonial literature in the English language. Nigeria’s best-known writers are Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Laureate in Literature and Chinua Achebe, the legendary writer best known for the novel, Things Fall Apart and his controversial critique of Joseph Conrad. Other Nigerian writers and poets who are well known on the international stage include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, John Pepper Clark, Ben Okri, Buchi Emecheta, Helon Habila, Chris Abani, and Ken Saro Wiwa who was executed in 1995 by the military regime.
Nigeria has the second largest newspaper market in Africa (after Egypt) with an estimated circulation of several million copies daily in 2003.
Our Nigerian beauties have taken the world by storm, excelling in such beauty contests as M-Net Face of Africa and Miss World Beauty Pageant.
The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) is budding with a variety of talents on daily basis, and is currently the 3rd largest movie industry in the world after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India).
This novel appreciates the exploits recorded in recent years. It delves into the ever fascinating world of modelling and beauty pageants, and with a touch of class draws attention to Nollywood and the tourism potentials of the country. It is a thriller, provocative, compelling and sensual, one whose characters are designed to operate in an atmosphere of gruelling suspense, intrigue, love, sex, betrayal, violence, murder, such that readers are strapped into an unforgettable experience from opening page to shattering climax!
‘Twisted’ is a blockbuster novel that spans three genres: mystery, suspense and romance. It is devoid of offensive language, crassness, obscenity and extreme vulgarity such that the younger audience could explore its contents without their guardians expressing fear of untoward effects. Although not specifically written for a younger demographic, the novel is suitable for adolescents and adults alike. It is a novel for everyone to read and enjoy, irrespective of age, social class or religious inclination. Whether young or old, single or married, you’ll find this novel a most worthy companion.
The novel is unique for its incredibly complex plot.
‘Twisted’ is a suspenseful story, with remarkable twists and turns. Its plot and subplots are designed to tickle your senses, place you on a high, knock you out and ultimately leave you breathless!
It is important to understand that the premise for this novel is centered on a character that lived all his life abroad. Everything about Mofe was foreign: his ideas, his ideals, his fantasies! He believed in the American dream and he lived out that dream. America made him who he was and he would always be grateful to America. The young man made exploits overseas, and he hardly visited his own country.
To many outsiders Africa remains a complex conundrum, and a good number of our citizens out there are unwilling to return home. This is largely due to reports often received from the media — civil wars, dictatorships, poverty, and all the other favourite stereotypes of Africa in the press.
Mofe’s homecoming was necessitated by the death of his father. And by a gradual process of self-discovery, he got to realise that his motherland was a gold mine in itself.

This novel is a compelling story that captures the intensity of living, loving and creating a family in today’s world. A richly textured material that astounds the imagination, ‘Every Time We Meet’ leaves you spell-bound and ultimately makes your heart pound faster with each page. The story captures the very essence of human relationship, the ability to sow a seed in the life of the person next to you. It brings that bond to the center stage in a real life situation, and admits how incredibly complex and how conflicting the images could be.
Twisted is authored by Dr. Kennedy Obohwemu and published by First Edition Design Publishing (USA). The novel is available as e-book (Book 1: Frozen and Book 2: Nightfall) as well as paperback (the omnibus edition).
The covers were designed by multiple award-winning cover art expert, Tatiana Fernandez (USA).
The book is now available in the following sales outlets:
2. Barnes & Noble: http://ow.ly/zQm9I
Twisted will be available in other leading online stores in the coming days.
About the Author

Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu is a medical graduate of Delta State University, Abraka.
He hails from Oteri in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

He attended Government College, Victoria Island (GOCOVI), Lagos where he
served as Senior Prefect. He effectively utilised this position to win laurels for the
school, participating in and winning various Quiz Competitions, Essay Competitions
& Inter-School Debates.

Kennedy is a much travelled personage. He has visited virtually every medical
school in the country, exchanging vision and ideas. In 2006 he was among 18
delegates that represented Nigeria in the National Convention hosted by Federation
of Ghana Catholic Health Trainees, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra. He
repeated that feat in 2009, leading 24 delegates to another edition of the

He was the National President of the Federation of Catholic Medical and Dental
Students (FECAMDS) in his undergraduate days. He was also the Founder and
National President of the Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA).

An avid reader, Kennedy enjoys stories of love, adventure, mystery and suspense.

He plays football and loves music.

He has his beloved mother to thank for the inspiration to write.

Dream Killers by S.M.Blooding, Free on August 20th!!


DK S1 3D Box Set 2

The Sea of Dreams spat me out with no memories, no idea of who I was or what my purpose might be. When Captain Bo, dream killer extraordinaire, arrived, I took a chance to explore. On the road of discovery, I tripped upon dreamplanes floating dead in a graveyard, scared children attempting to survive their dreams turned nightmare, strange guardians, rogue Dreamlanders, and ships with hearts of silver. I learned more about Dreamland than I ever thought possible. But people are dying. They’re disappearing. Dreamland is twisting, shifting, ripping. I don’t know how best to help, how to save those I’ve met, who have wormed their way into my heart. If only I knew who I was, what I’d been born to do. Then I found out. I know who I am. I wish I didn’t. Dream Killers is geared for fans of Once Upon a Time. The first season (Spring 2014) consists of 3 novellas called episodes. It follows River as he discovers who he is and his role in Dreamland. Dream Killers is to Dreamland Stories what Agents of Shield is to the Marvel movies. Dreamland is an intense, rich, fascinating world with lots going on. If you like fairy tales, are looking for something new,try this one.

Purchase Get it for FREE Wednesday August 20 - Friday August 22

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Meet the Author:

SM “Frankie” Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, and Jack the Bird. Jack has refused to let her to take up the piano again, but is warming to the guitar. It might help that Frankie has learned more than two strings. She’s added a few more Arabic words to her vocabulary, but don’t invite her into conversation yet—unless, of course, you’re willing to have a very . . . slow . . . conversation. She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories. She’s also an investigator with a local paranormal investigation group, Colorado Paranormal Rescue!

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Destiny's Anvil: A Tale of Politics, Payback & Pigs by Steven Hicks Spotlight!

New Orleans novelist Steven Wells Hicks recently published his latest novel Destiny’s Anvil: A Tale of Politics, Payback & Pigs. 
Will Guidry’s career as a backwater lawyer is going nowhere until he has a couple of beers with up-and-coming political operative Tucker Callahan, whose family’s petrochemical fortune instills in him a confidence bordering on hubris. As Tucker explains to his rudderless brother, Carter, “Guidry and I made a deal because he needed a miracle and I wanted to play God.”
Guidry rides Tucker’s political horse sense into the office of Louisiana’s Attorney General, while Tucker capitalizes on Guidry’s victory to bolster his own political reputation. But what should become a powerful alliance deteriorates into a bitter feud when Guidry tries to flex his political muscle and Tucker suspects he may have maneuvered a calculating sociopath into the marble halls of power.
Caught in the crossfire is Carter, the story’s narrator. Devastated by betrayal at the hands of his brother and the woman he loved for a lifetime, a brooding Carter remains content to watch the power struggle between Tucker and Guidry from the sidelines. Everything changes when he stumbles on the charismatic attorney general committing a monstrous crime, and finds himself drawn into the vortex of his brother’s private war.
Racing from a bungled execution through ruthless political payback and a no-holds-barred courtroom showdown, before culminating in a bloodbath by the side of a bayou, the stakes continue to rise and Carter finds his small-town naiveté peeling away. Replacing it is a mounting dread of what will happen when the hammer of Fate meets destiny’s anvil.
Destiny’s Anvil was published in June 2014 and is available for sale on Amazon.

Excerpt from Destiny’s Anvil:
THE MERCURY WAS STILL HOVERING ABOVE NINETY when the three of us rolled up to the first set of gates at the state penitentiary in Angola. Climbing out of my car, I glanced toward the sun dropping over the cotton, bean and sweet potato fields that stretched unbroken toward the horizon. I wondered if the hapless bastard who had fewer than fifteen minutes left was gazing out a window, watching the last day of his life ebb toward eternal darkness.
I didn’t want to be there. I was twenty-six years old, secure in the prospect of at least fifty more years of a generous life, and didn’t want to see a man put to death before my eyes, no matter what he did. My brother Tucker had tried to worm his way out of witnessing the execution as well, but he couldn’t come up with an excuse that Will Guidry might buy. We both knew that over the previous fourteen years Will had worked up a hankering for blood that eclipsed any reverence he ever may have held for justice.
Two guards checked our names against their clipboard, opened the back doors of a cruiser and we got in. Without a word, they drove us through the prison compound to the no-frills building where Louisiana’s executions were carried out. We were led through several sets of barred doors until we reached a stark room with two rows of wooden chairs at one end and the electric chair at the other, maybe fifteen feet apart, maybe less.
The drifter who had raped and smothered Will’s kid brother Robby in the clearing of a cane field was already strapped into the chair and an electrode was being attached to his left calf. He watched the process, showing no emotion beyond detached curiosity. His expression didn’t change as his shaved head was straightened and a man wearing a threadbare black suit put a moistened sponge on the crown of his head and covered it with a metal skullcap. His eyes never wavered as he declined to buy final seconds with last words.
Father had told Tuck and me about how the dog, after nosing the sneaker around the drainage ditch, took off through the canebrake, how the three men looked at each other and started working their way into the thicket behind the dog, their hands and forearms collecting nicks and scratches as they hacked through the stalks of cane, how they were barely twenty yards into the cane when they heard the single bark followed by whimpers. I was later told that my father had been the first of the three to make it into the clearing, and that once he realized what he had stumbled upon, the only thing he could whisper was, “Oh, Jesus.” The dog’s chin was between its forepaws, and inches from the tip of its nose lay the second sneaker, still on the foot of Robby Guidry’s lifeless body. Even in the rose light of fading afternoon, the sock on the boy’s other foot glowed white, in stark relief from the blue jeans that had been yanked down to his ankles. A rivulet of blood had seeped out of his rectum, and was drying halfway down his left thigh. Once his face was pulled out of the mud into which it had been pressed, the parish coroner said he wouldn’t be able to tell if Robby had been strangled or forcibly drowned in mud until he got the body hosed off for the autopsy.
While the warden read the sentence in a bland monotone, the drifter’s eyes scanned across the faces on our side of the room. I felt myself shudder when his eyes locked on mine. He looked at me for an eternity that lasted less than a second, and my eyes followed his as he shifted them to his left and into the steady eyes of Will Guidry. Will’s face was stone except for the slightest movement of his lips, and I heard him whisper, “Fry in hell, dickhead.” Even though I knew there was no way the drifter could hear Will at that distance, I swear I saw him smirk at Will as a sweating guard stretched a black blindfold across his eyes before knotting it against the back of his skull.
The warden nodded his head and the electricity rocketed through the convict with the hiss and crackle of bacon in a dime store skillet. His hands tensed into claws as he dug his nails into the arms of the chair and his body thrashed against the leather restraints until thirty seconds had passed and the current was switched off. The silence was thick and underlined by the stench of smoldering flesh.
A doctor with a stethoscope moved toward the convict, but stopped once he realized the body would need a few seconds to cool down enough to touch. I let my held breath release and was gulping for any whisper of sweet evening air when the doctor looked at the warden and said, “He isn’t dead.”
Robby Guidry was only the murderer’s first victim. Three months after her son’s desecrated corpse had been discovered in the cane field, a disconsolate Marie Guidry had shoved her head in the family oven and turned on the gas. Having lost his wife and younger son within less than one hundred days of each other, Frank Guidry’s drinking ran away from him until the day that an increasingly withdrawn Will showed up at school with a shiner everyone couldn’t help but notice. The news of Will’s black eye hit my father particularly hard. Father was a good neighbor, the kind of man who always kept jumper cables in his trunk or saw to it that your garden was watered if you’d gone out of town and forgotten to ask anyone for help. I knew for a fact that Father felt acutely sorry for Will Guidry when he stepped up his regular prodding of both Tucker and me to spend more time and behave like brothers from the womb with Will. But Tuck was better at being an openhearted brother than I ever was, and as Tuck and Will became more like actual brothers, Tuck and I became less.
The second jolt was set to last a full minute, but I doubt thirty seconds had gone by when tongues of orange flame blazed from beneath the skullcap, followed by billows of steam and acrid smoke. A urine stain spread across the front of his pants, his skin bloomed scarlet as the temperature rose, and his body swelled to the point his flesh began to split. Blood streamed from his nose and mouth, and the smell of sizzling flesh mixed with the stink of where he’d fouled himself. I was ready to scream for someone to cut off the power for God’s sake when the room went silent except for the retching coming from Tucker as he lurched forward and vomit spattered on the waxed linoleum floor.
After letting the lifeless body cool, the doctor listened to his stethoscope, nodded and read the time off the wall clock in the death chamber. Two guards wheeled in a wobbly cart, on top of which was a state-issue coffin covered with a cheap, nubby fabric, while a third guard started to absentmindedly whistle between his teeth as he unbuckled the restraints. We were herded out with the other witnesses and taken back to our car at the prison’s main gate as the evening’s first stars pierced the twilight.
The emotional canyon separating me from Tuck had widened during our time at LSU, and I was neither surprised nor disappointed, in fact I was relieved, when Will Guidry realized he’d find more butter on my brother’s side of the bread than he ever would on mine. Hell, Will glommed so close to Tucker that people on campus started to snicker that Tuck was having the devil of a time trying to figure out how he might ever separate himself from his Siamese twin.
Following graduation, Tucker and Will had set off in search of stars beyond their reach while I returned home to New Acadia, a house that had grown empty during my time away and no prospects for any kind of meaningful work.
None of us had said the first word to each other since we pulled up at Angola, and I didn’t think any of us knew what to say after what we’d just witnessed. I glanced at the rearview mirror expecting to see a brooding Will Guidry, only to find one who was downright chipper as he said, “That was great. Let’s go find us someplace to eat.”

Steven Wells HicksAbout the Author:
Steven Hicks came to Mississippi in 1974 and spent the next quarter century writing for various advertising agencies, including his own. He wrote commercials and print ads about hot dogs and other baloney, used cars, barbecue shacks, sunscreen, banks galore, white bread, undertakers, churches, casinos, turkey calls, finger-lickin’ chicken and symphony orchestras. Some of the work was thoughtful. Some was funny. Most was neither.
During that period of time, he earned the enmity of his competitors and peers by being named Mississippi’s top copywriter nine times, winning six certificates of excellence in the International CLIO Awards, over 150 ADDY Awards, Radio Mercury honors and being included in Who’s Who in American Advertising.
A major portion of his advertising and marketing income came through his work as a political consultant, engineering the media and messaging efforts for more than six dozen campaigns, culminating with the POLLIE Award for best statewide/national commercial from the American Association of Political Consultants in 1989.
While the embarrassing abundance of honors mean next to nothing to Hicks, the education he got through the process meant everything. He learned how to write what people like. He learned to write with economy and clarity, because consumers won’t buy things from long-winded peddlers of perplexity. He learned when words have to be polished and when they’re best left plain.
Through it all, people kept telling Hicks he should write books and he kept saying, “Maybe one day,” until the day came when a near-fatal stroke in 1997 forced him into an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with his own mortality, and he realized he wanted to be remembered for something more consequential than gimmicky commercials.
There was only one hitch. The stroke had taken away his ability to read.
For the next thirteen months, Hicks stubbornly stared at newspaper letters until he could form words, read sentences, then paragraphs, and finally had the ability to once again read novels, albeit at a far slower pace and with cognitive problems enhanced by lingering reading difficulties stemming from alexia, an aphasia problem caused by brain lesions.
It made the headstrong Hicks more determined than ever to take a shot at those novels people had been encouraging him to write for years.
Ten years and eleven revisions later came his debut novel, The Gleaner, a trans-racial romance set in a sleepy Mississippi whistle-stop. In a competition of 5,000 entries, The Gleaner was named a quarter-finalist in Amazon.com’s prestigious “Breakthrough Novel” competition. Upon its heels came two comic novels in 2009, The Fall of Adam, a satire of Deep South advertising, and Horizontal Adjustment, a farce about sexual escapades among competitors for a news anchor position in a tank town television station along the Florida Panhandle.
Deciding to take a breather from novels, Hicks started publishing New Orleans restaurant guidebooks on an annual basis in 2011, all of which have become mainstays on Amazon.com’s list of the 100 top-selling books about world dining.
In May of 2014, Hicks published his fourth novel, Destiny’s Anvil, which marked a stark departure from the breezy style of his earlier works.
“The final product is the polar opposite of the novel’s original intent. It is dark, violent bordering on savage, as it strips away the veneers of not only politicians, but the entire American political system. At the same time, it moves with the furious pace of a thriller overflowing with cliffhangers,” says Hicks.
Steven Wells Hicks currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi, but is in the process of moving to New Orleans. To learn more, go to StevenWellsHicks.com, or connect with Steven on Twitter.

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The Last Infection and The Hand That Feeds by Michael W.Garza Spotlight!

Halloween is coming soon...just saying!!!

The Last Infection chronicles the fall of civilization and the rise of the dead and the evolution of the infected. The infection swept across the country like a tidal wave. Survivors cling to life as the infected own the night and the dead walk the streets. Chris has endured on his own and bumping into Jake and Alicen weren't in his plans. The young brother and sister have plans of their own, but Chris has heard too many promises of sanctuary and infection free zones. Jenn's arrival turns his attention to the one thing he never thought he would face again, hope. They make a pact to reach the kids safe haven, but only time will tell if anyone can survive the last infection.

The Hand That Feeds
 How far will a parent go to keep their child alive?

John and Angela Mason’s lives are brought to a tormenting halt when their ten year old son is reduced to a lifeless shell. John watches his wife slip into madness as his son rises from the dead. He realizes they must escape the terrifying infection in order to survive but how can he choose between the insanity consuming his wife and the undying hunger of his son.

An appetite for death will come in one form or another and it will be left to John to decide on the hand that feeds.

Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it's always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He encourages readers to peek at his latest work as well as the material he's published in the past. He sincerely hopes that everyone will find something that astonishes, surprises, or simply scares the heck out of you. 

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