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Noise by Brett Garcia Rose Spotlight!

The world is an ugly place, and I can tell you now, I fit in just fine.
Lily is the only person Leon ever loved. When she left a suicide note and disappeared into a murky lake ten years ago, she left him alone, drifting through a silent landscape.
Or did she?
A postcard in her handwriting pulls Leon to the winter-cold concrete heart of New York City.
What he discovers unleashes a deadly rage that has no sound.
A grisly trail of clues leads to The Bear, the sadistic Russian crime lord who traffics in human flesh. The police—some corrupt, some merely compromised—are of little help. They don’t like Leon’s methods, or the mess he leaves in his wake.
Leon is deaf, but no sane person would ever call him disabled. He survived as a child on the merciless streets of Nigeria. He misses nothing. He feels no remorse. The only direction he’s ever known is forward.
He will not stop until he knows.
Where is Lily?

About the Author
Brett Garcia Rose is a software entrepreneur, former animal rights investigator/activist, and fiction writer. Brett’s work can be found in various literary and consumer publications including Newsday Magazine, The Barcelona Review, Opium, Lit Up, Rose and Thorn, The Battered Suitcase and many other publications. Losing Found Things, a collection of previously published short fiction, will be available in 2014, along with his first novel, Noise. He is currently living in Miami Beach, working hard on his second novel, Ren.

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Cover Unveal of Scorch by K.C.Stewart with Giveaway!

Join us for the unveiling of K.C. Stewart's 3rd book in the Haily Holloway Series. Take a moment to sign up for the giveaway, find out what all the talk is about and hopefully you will share this post with others.  
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Book Title: Scorch
Author Name: K.C. Stewart
Hailey Holloway series book 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self published
Expected Date of Publication: January 5, 2015
Word Count: 58000


Hailey Holloway has a serious knack with running from her problems. At the first sign of trouble she can be found lacing up her Nikes and hitting the road. Dacea has been patient with her, but a man can only handle so much. He told her before that he would not chase after her again and is he nothing, if not a man of his word. Katherine is more than happy to pick at the wound that festers between them. If she picks enough, she just might make one or both of them bleed.
War is on the horizon. Together, they need to convince the leaders of Blue and Silver to join their crusade against the Council, but can they put their differences aside and stop fighting long enough to help those in the line of fire?

Other Books in the Series

Spark (Hailey Holloway #1)
Amazon US | UK | CA || Barnes & Noble || Kobo
Singe (Hailey Holloway #2)
Amazon US | UK | CA || Barnes & Noble || Kobo

Who is K.C. Stewart?

K.C. Stewart lives in central Pennsylvania with her three cats. She is currently attending college online for Library Science while working full time as a photographer. In her spare time—which isn’t easy to find—she reads an obnoxious amount, and writes in between everything else. K.C. has a very real addiction to gummy bears and talking to her cats when no one is around.
Where to find K.C. Stewart
Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/kcstewart

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A Date to Die For Episodes 5-7 Release Day!


Release Day - A Date to Die for: 5, 6, & 7: Dirty Twist, Check Mate, & Last Chance On Sale $.99!!

Don't forget to pick up A Date to Die for: 1-4 $2.99 

Date to Die for: Series #1 When dating ends in deaths and threats, Molly might be better off staying single. During one of Molly’s weekly meet-ups with her girls at their regular bar, Molly succumbs to the duress of her two best friends and begins the aggressive dating they sign her up for online where the pairings are questionable… and dangerous. They’ve entered her in an evening of speed dating. But at the end of the evening she finds an item from her past that raises questions, grief… and danger. When the number of deaths surpass Molly’s goodnight kisses, her past pushes into the present and Molly loses much more than she gains. A stalker has focused on Molly and refuses to let anyone else date her. But she refuses to be single for the rest of her life. Is Molly doomed to a life of singledom wrapped in fear – or will the stalker turn on her 

#2, Oh No, He Didn’t! Molly is ready to meet up with her first date – Crisco Ethan. But first she has to survive threats at work and fear at home. Will Brad-the-bartender make a move or flirt from afar? The stalker is closing in and Molly has a terrible feeling she won’t stay untouched for long. Can she lean on Brad or is her heart pushing her toward danger? 

#3 Dinner for Two Getting ready to message her next date, Molly comes across an email from the stalker that might tear her apart. The aftereffects swallow her sanity and she struggles to stay in the everyday while battling the knowledge that he can find her anywhere. Nowhere is safe. Is Brad as involved as circumstances suggest? Or is a man out there that wants nothing more than to keep her all to himself – dead or alive? 

#4 Don’t Look Back! At work, a special delivery slams home the seriousness of the situation. How many more lives will be affected by the man’s obsession with Molly? Molly’s stalker attacks close to home. Can she find safety? Can anyone?

#5 Dirty Twist The stakes are high and Molly has learned how desperate her stalker has made her. Tormented with more kidnappings and deaths, Molly searches for answers in all the wrong places. Will she find what she’s looking for? Or will her fear continue to paralyze her, leaving her open for the ultimate end? 

#6 Check Mate What precautions can a single girl take to protect herself from a sociopath? Why, move in with the crush and bring his ass in to play the game, of course. Even with all the bravado, Molly still learns she has a lot more to lose. Can she come back from the turmoil? Or is she doomed to misery for the rest of her short life? 

#7 Last Chance In a desperate attempt to save someone she cares about, Molly faces her would-be killer. But who it is devastates her. If the killer has their way, Molly will die at their side. Can Molly escape or will she finally be on a Date to Die for? 

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane. 

Follow on: Facebook / Blog / Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter / Literary Addicts / Amazon   

Death Logs In by E.J.Simon Book Tour!

Book Details:
Book Title: Death Logs In by E.J. Simon
Category: Adult fiction, 348 pages
Genre: Technological Crime Thriller
Publisher: Simon/Zef Publishing
Published: Oct 15, 2014
Available in: Print and E-book format (mobi -for Kindle)
Will send books: Internationally
Tour dates:  Nov 17 to Dec 12, 2014
Content Rating: PG-13

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About the book:

Death Logs In is E.J. Simon’s new novel, the eagerly awaited follow-up to his bestselling debut, Death Never Sleeps

​ ​
which rose to #2 on the Amazon Kindle list.

Death Logs In will once again feature E.J. Simon’s unforgettable protagonists, Michael Nicholas and his now virtual brother, Alex. It is a brilliant and compelling thriller. E.J. Simon’s talent for storytelling, infused with intrigue, globetrotting, and humor is, again, on full display in this new book.

Simon’s technology consultant and editor, Dan White said, “The only A.I. protagonist in crime thrillers is back, and nothing is ever as it first appears in an E.J. Simon novel.” This book’s narrative takes place over a summer period, and from the first page, E.J’s readers will feel the tension of this captivating story of family, crime, and technology. Readers will follow Michael and Alex Nicholas as they navigate a new landscape of corporate greed, underworld drama, and advances in artificial intelligence. Death Logs In is full of the nerve wracking turns he is known for.” 

Death Never Sleeps, published on August 15, 2013, achieved a #2 position on Amazon Kindle and entered numerous bestseller lists in the U.S. and abroad. Initially self-published, Simon/Zef began publishing Death Never Sleeps after it moved over 80,000 copies within the first year.

Meet the Author:

E.J. Simon was the CEO of GMAC Global Relocation Services (a division of GM) and the Managing Director of Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate company in NY.

He is a consultant to many leading private equity firms and has held senior level positions at prominent financial services companies.

He is a world traveler, food enthusiast and lives in Connecticut.Death Never Sleeps is his first novel. His second novel, Death Logs In, will be available in October 2014.

Connect with him:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter

Tour Schedule:

Nov 17 - Coffee Books & Art - books spotlighted / guest post / giveaway
Nov 17 - Everything Distils into Reading - review of Death Never Sleeps
Nov 17 - Cheryl's Book Nook - review of Death Logs In - author interview / giveaway
Nov 18 - allthingsbookie - review of Death Logs In
Nov 18 - Roughseasinthemed - review of Death Never Sleeps
Nov 19 - A Soccer Mom's Book Blog - review of Death Logs In / giveaway
Nov 19 - Pinky's Favorite Reads - book spotlight
Nov 20 - Nighttime Reading Center - review of Death Never Sleeps
Nov 20 - 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, &, Sissy, Too! - review of Death Never Sleeps
Nov 21 -  Deal Sharing Aunt - review of Death Never Sleeps / guest post / giveaway
Nov 21 - The Reading Life - review of Death Never Sleeps / guest post
Nov 24 - Confessions of A Reader - book spotlight / giveaway
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Dec 2 - Being Tillys Mummy - review of Death Logs In / author interview / giveaway
Dec 3 - 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, &, Sissy, Too! - review of Death Logs In
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Dec 5 - Life as Leels - review of Death Logs In / giveaway
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Dec 8 - A Blue Million Books - author interview / giveaway
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Dec 10 - Brooke Blogs - review of Death Never Sleeps / guest post
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Dec 11 - Omnimystery News - guest post
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Dec 11 - A Book Geek - review of Death Logs In
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Dec 12 - The Discerning Reader - review of Death Never Sleeps and Death Logs In / giveaway
Dec 12 - JessicaCassidy.com - review of Death Logs In / guest post / giveaway
Dec 12 - The Book Review - review of Death Logs In  / giveaway
Dec 12 - Dalene's Book Reviews - review of Death Logs In / giveaway

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Fire & Sword by Louise Turner Blog Tour!

Publication Date: September 19, 2013
Hadley Rille Books
Formats: eBook, Paperback

Genre: Historical Fiction
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On the 11th June in 1488, two armies meet in battle at Sauchieburn, near Stirling. One fights for King James the Third of Scotland, the other is loyal to his eldest son, Prince James, Duke of Rothesay.
Soon, James the Third is dead, murdered as he flees the field. His army is routed. Among the dead is Sir Thomas Sempill of Ellestoun, Sheriff of Renfrew, whose son and heir, John, escapes with his life.
Once John’s career as knight and courtier seemed assured. But with the death of his king, his situation is fragile. He’s the only surviving son of the Sempill line and he’s unmarried. If he hopes to survive, John must try and win favour with the new king.
And deal with the ruthless and powerful Lord Montgomerie…

Praise for Fire & Sword

“The book is brutal in places and left me at times emotionally drained. But that just shows that I came to care about the characters. Recommended.” (Historical Novel Review, May 2014)
“Louise Turner skillfully brings to life the conflict-ridden world of 15th century Scotland… A fantastic debut, recommended for all fans of historical fiction, medieval times, and romance.” (Karin Gastreich, Author of Eolyn)
“If you like historical novels to be well-researched and well-written with a host of believable, three-dimensional characters, look no further than “Fire and Sword”.” (Juliet Waldron, Author of Mozart’s Wife)
“Louise Turner skillfully brings to life the conflict-ridden world of 15th century Scotland. Based on the true story of John Sempill, the narrative takes us from near ruin to an uneasy but satisfying final triumph. Thomas is a wonderfully flawed character, not your typical knight-in-shining-armor, but a young man plagued by uncertainty, prone to dark moods, and keenly aware of the ax hanging over his head. Hugh Montgomery, at once John’s nemesis and eventual ally, is simply delightful in his charisma and ruthlessness. The principle women of the story, Mary, Margaret, and Helen, bring fresh and varied perspectives to the events at hand, each one admirable in her own way. Honestly, I found nothing to complain about in this novel. It is expertly written, kept me turning the pages and reading late into the night. A fantastic debut, recommended for all fans of historical fiction, medieval times, and romance. I look forward to seeing what Turner has to offer next.” – Karin Rita Gastrich, Amazon Reviewer

Buy the Book

About the Author

Born in Glasgow, Louise Turner spent her early years in the west of Scotland where she attended the University of Glasgow. After graduating with an MA in Archaeology, she went on to complete a PhD on the Bronze Age metalwork hoards of Essex and Kent. She has since enjoyed a varied career in archaeology and cultural resource management. Writing has always been a major aspect of her life and in 1988, she won the Glasgow Herald/Albacon New Writing in SF competition with her short story Busman’s Holiday. Louise lives with her husband in west Renfrewshire.
For more information please visit Louise Turner’s Website and Blog. You can also find her on Facebook.

Fire & Sword Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, October 6
Review at Rainy Day Reviews
Thursday, October 9
Spotlight at What Is That Book About
Monday, October 13
Character Interview at Boom Baby Reviews
Monday, November 10
Guest Post at Let Them Read Books
Thursday, November 13
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Monday, November 17
Review & Interview at Dab of Darkness
Monday, November 24
Spotlight at CelticLady’s Reviews
Tuesday, November 25
Review at Broken Teepee
Sunday, November 30
Review at Unshelfish


To win one of five Fire & Sword eBooks please complete the Rafflecopter giveaway form below. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on November 30th. You must be 18 or older to enter.
Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter on December 1st and notified via email.
Winner has 48 hours to claim prize or new winner is chosen.

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Voices Echo by Linda Lee Graham Blog Tour!

Publication Date: June 16, 2014
Repository Press, LLC
eBook; 570 pages
Series: Voices Series
Genre: Romantic Historical Suspense
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The third book in the VOICES series, VOICES ECHO stands alone as a riveting depiction of both the beauty of 18th-century Jamaica and the horrors of plantation life in the British West Indies.
When Albert Ross sailed to Jamaica months after their wedding, Rhiannon Ross believed he’d abandoned her for the sanctuary of his West Indies plantation and complacent mulatta mistress. Not one to live life in limbo, Rhiannon has followed in a bid to secure the funds necessary to ensure her financial independence and position as his lawful wife, and to quell her growing attraction to her unsuitable American advisor, Liam Brock.
Determined to put the enticing Mrs. Ross out of his mind, Liam Brock accepts an assignment to escort a young heiress to her father’s Jamaican estate. Convinced his and Rhiannon’s ships have crossed paths, he is stunned to learn Rhiannon is still with her husband, and shocked when he finds her isolated and frightened–a shell of the vibrant woman who still fills his dreams. He begins to suspect that beneath the exotic beauty of an island teeming with vitality, there beats a sinister pulse.
As evidence of smuggling and dark magic are uncovered, Rhiannon realizes that not only is her plantation in danger, but the lives of those she holds dearest are at stake. Though she struggles to hide her feelings for Liam, she cannot bear the thought of him coming to harm because of her. As greed on the island evolves into violence and violence into murder, Liam and Rhiannon find themselves in the midst of a deadly intrigue. Both must decide how far they will go in the name of protecting the other, and how much they will sacrifice to attain a future neither thought possible.

Buy the eBook

About the Author03_Linda Lee Graham

History and real-life narratives had always blended in Graham’s imagination, particularly when she delved into the stories of her family’s ancestors. Eventually the engaging voices of characters who might have lived emerged. Tracing paper trails quickly gave way to creating her own stories, and she hasn’t looked back since.
For more information please visit Linda Lee Graham’s website and blog. You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+, and Goodreads.

My Thoughts

Voices Echo tells the story of Jamaica in the 18th century. Rhiannon Ross, newly married, wants to get the funds from her husband to open up an inn in America. She feels that her husband  does not really care if she stays in Jamaica or not. The atmosphere in Jamaica is not great and as she realizes that the safety of the plantation and her husband are in jeopardy from a slave rebellion. She also has an attraction to a young man Liam Brock which has her conflicted. 

This is a very descriptive historical story based on the slave rebellion to abolish slavery on the island. The slave owners are not too happy with this effort as this would mean the end of their authority over the slaves. Plantations get burned and there are rumors of voodoo. Rhiannon feels that there are strange going's on that she can't quite figure out. Can she trust the house slaves? The author tells a great story of believable characters and island life. This is a long book but well worth the read. I only wish I had read the two previous books, I think it would have helped to get to know the characters better. Still a stand alone novel that is worth the read.

I received a copy for review and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

Voices Echo Blog Tour Schedule
Monday, November 3
Review & Giveaway at Historical Romance Lover
Tuesday, November 4
Review & Interview at A Cup of Tea & A Big Book
Wednesday, November 5
Review at Book Nerd
Monday, November 10
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Spotlight & Giveaway at Romance Junkies Blog
Wednesday, November 12
Review at Turning the Pages
Thursday, November 13
Guest Post at Bookish
Review at Romantic Historical Lovers
Monday, November 17
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Tuesday, November 18
Review at My Tangled Skeins Book Reviews
Thursday, November 20
Spotlight & Giveaway at Teddy Rose Book Reviews & More
Sunday, November 23
Spotlight at With Her Nose Stuck In A Book
Monday, November 24
Review at CelticLady’s Reviews
Wednesday, November 26
Review, Interview, and Giveaway at A Way With Words
Thursday, November 27
Review & Giveaway at Curiouser and Curiouser
Friday, November 28
Interview at Triclinium

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