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Book Club Reading List

20 April, 2012

Authors on Reviews: To Comment or Not To Comment? Event Blog Hop

Authors On Reviews: To Comment Or Not To Comment

This blog hop is a bit different than other blog hops as there is no giveaway, just a hop to express your opinion on the following question..
Should an author comment or not comment on a review that you have written? Personally, I love it when I get comments and especially love it when the author has taken the time to acknowledge the review I have written. I think we all realize that an author is very very busy but so is the blogger. It makes the time we have taken to read the book worthwhile. 
So, what do you think?? Leave me a comment and stop by the other blogs and give your opinions!!!



Jenn of Frequent Reader, Infrequent Blogger said...

I definitely enjoy getting comments as well. :)

Reading said...

I love it when they comment too!
Thanks for your participation =)


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